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Click on each "Put Off - Put On" to read the associated Bible verses.

Put-Off Put-On
Adultery Marital fidelity
Anger Self-control
Argumentative/Quarrelsome Gentle Answer/Peace & Accord
Astrology Worship of God
Bad Companions Godly Associations
Bitterness Tender hearted, forgiving
Blameshifting Responsibility
Bodily harm Glorify God in body
Burying talents Developing abilities
Boasting (conceit) Esteeming others
Careless Talk Edifying Words
Carnal Entertainment Please God
Cheating Honesty
Covetousness Contentment
Critical spirit Kindness
Complacency Zeal
Complaining Gratefulness
Depression Hope in God
Discontent Contentment
Disobedience Obedience
Disrespect for authority Honor authority
Dissatisfaction Satisification
Divisive Peacemaker
Drunkenness Abstinence, self-control
Easily irritated Not easily provoked
Envious Rejoice with Others
Evil speaking Good report
Evil thoughts Pure thoughts
Favoritism Fairness
Faultfinding Patience
Feeling Oriented Commandment Oriented
Flirtation Gentle, quiet spirit
Fleshly music Edifying music
Following the crowd God-fearing
Fornication Abstinence
Gambling Good stewardship
Gluttony Discipline
Gossip Edifying speech
Greed Contentment
Guilt Confession
Hatred Love
Homosexuality Moral purity
Hypocrisy Sincerity
Idle words Bridle tongue
Idolatry Worship God only
Immodest dress Modesty
Impatience Patience
Impulsive Thoughtfulness
Inferiority Position in Christ
Incest Moral purity
Irritation to others Preferring in love
Irresponsibility (family/work) Responsibility
Irreverence in church Reverence
Inhospitable Hospitable
Insensitive Compassion
Jealousy Trust
Judging Let God search my heart
Left first Love Fervent devotion
Lack of rejoicing Rejoice
Lack of moderation Temperance
Laziness Diligence
Losing temper Self-control
Love of money/greed Love God
Lust Pure desires
Lying Speak truth
Masturbation Sanctification
Menpleasing Please God
Moral impurity Moral purity
Murder Love
Murmuring/complaining Praise
Neglect of Bible study Bible study/meditation
No burden for the lost Compassion/witnessing
Opinionated Slow to Speak
Pleasure Seeker Enjoy God's Pleasures
Pornography Pure thoughts
Prayerlessness Praying
Pride Humility
Procrastination Diligence
Profanity Pure speech
Preferential treatment Love neighbor as self
Presumption on the future Trust God's will
Rebellion Submission
Retaliation Return good for evil
Selfishness Self denial
Self Pity Faith
Slothfulness Wholeheartedness
Smoking God's Temple
Status Seeker Servants Heart
Stealing Work/giving
Stinginess Generosity
Strife/contention Peace
Stubbornness Brokenness
Temporal values Eternal value
Unbelief Faith
Undisciplined Self-Control
Unfaithfulness Faithfulness
Unforgiving spirit Heart Forgiveness
Ungratefulness Gratefulness
Undependable Trustworthy
Unloving Serve Others
Vindictive Bless Your Enemy
Witchcraft/Horoscopes Worship of God
Worldly entertainment Spiritual pursuits
Worry/fear Trust
Wrath Soft answer
Wrong friends Godly friends
Wrong motives Spiritual motives