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Dr. David Tyler     David Tyler, Ph.D., a native of Illinois, has served as a pastor in Southern Baptist Churches in Illinois and South Carolina. Presently, Dr. Tyler is the Director of Gateway Biblical Counseling and Training Center, a ministry of Edgemont Bible Church in Fairview Heights, Illinois. He is the Dean of the Biblical Counseling Department for Master's International School of Divinity in Evansville, Indiana. He is a member of the adjunct faculty of Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. He is the President of the American Academy of Biblical Counselors Counselors, He serves on the board of directors of Personal Freedom Outreach in Saint Louis, Missouri, and is a regular contributor to The Quarterly Journal. Dr. Tyler also lectures and leads workshops on Biblical counseling. He is the author of Jesus Christ: Self-Denial or Self-Esteem? Self-Esteem: Are We Really Better Than We Think?, The Second Coming of Jesus Christ: Oil, Terrorism and Nuclear War, God's Funeral:Trading the Sacred for the Secular, Grief: Victory Over A Lonely Darkness, The Ape of God: How Satan, Through the Spiritual Formation Movement, Mimics God, and co-author of Deceptive Diagnosis: When Sin Is Called a Sickness and ADHD: Deceptive Diagnosis.

Mr. Johnny Kicklighter      Mr. Johnny Kicklighter has served as a lay counselor for over 25 years. He obtained an Associates Degree in Weather Forecasting from the Community College of the Air Force. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Liberty University and a Master's Degree in Biblical Counseling from the Master's International School of Divinity. After serving in the US Air Force for 26 years, he retired as a Chief Master Sergeant. Johnny is Certified by the American Academy of Biblical Counselors Counselors and the Association of Biblical Counselors. Johnny and his wife have four grown sons and ten grandchildren.

Dr. Kurt Grady      Dr. Kurt Grady is a Senior Medical Science Liaison with a biopharmaceutical company where he supports research and education in the field of neuroscience. He is a graduate of St. Louis College of Pharmacy (B.S., Pharm.D.), University of Florida (Clinical Pharmacy Residency), Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (M.B.A.) and Master's International School of Divinity (D.B.S.). Kurt teaches medical issues related to biblical counseling both within and outside of the United States. He is a member of the the Board of Directors of Christian Education Enterprises and Overseas Instruction in Counseling. Kurt teaches through Gateway Biblical Counseling and Training Center, Master's International School of Divinity, the National Theological College and Graduate School, Calvary College of the Bible and Seminary, and Overseas Instruction in Counseling. He is certified by the American Academy of Biblical Counselors Counselors and serves as that organization's Vice President. He has co-authored two books, Deceptive Diagnosis: When Sin is Called Sickness and ADHD: Deceptive Diagnosis, as well as a number of other articles and chapters in various journals and books. Kurt and his wife have three teenage sons and they reside in the Fairview Heights area.

Published Articles by Kurt
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